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You thought You might Be loved When you opened up your eyes on a September Morning Little did you know That Little you Will plough through Life All by yourself So, the sooner you realize that and stop fighting the feeling of Loneliness That at times seems to hold your sanity in its hands The […]

Joie De Vivre

would it matter if I cried? what if … I walked to the end of the line stared the truth down came head to head with they who are supposed to be – only me – shook myself awake afraid, not afraid what if I chose to live where I should have just died what […]

The Right to Question

This year, in my reading spree, I added the book My Dark Vanessa, which is the narrative of a girl groomed, raped, molested, threatened and abandoned by her teacher for years. It was a story that shook me to my very bone, it was a painful eye opening experience that left me angry, wise, sad […]

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