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America the great dictator

I am an Iranian, by default I am maybe simultaneously the least and most qualified to write about this issue. I am not familiar with political terms so I am just gonna simply say what’s on my mind. Ever since I was a child my government kept warning us about America the great evil, the […]

My space

I come from around the world I have always had a roof over my head Even when I did not have a room of my own And I have envied the travellers With their world on their back Living a life of their own I encountered a lost soul, she said I have nowhere to […]

Better late than never.

They say it is better to get wherever you want to go late versus never getting there. In Farsi, we have the same expression but it is specific only to physical distances and locations, which makes it rather limiting in meaning than its english counterpart that is more circumspective. In English when you say better […]

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