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Climate Anxiety

Looks at the time, it is 8:01. Unlocks her phone. Opens the Starbucks app. Is really craving some coffee. Not office coffee. Those suck. Universal truth. Images of microplastics, of overfilled landfills, dead marine animals aka the imminent apocalypse flash by in her mind. Will the coffee cup be broken down into million pieces and […]

Miles to Go before I Sleep

It is middle of September, exactly. I know that because it is our self assigned anniversary. after a well beloved song of a gay Italian singer who resides in UK, whose dog recently passed away. It is all related. We met in Central Park, the one who recently witnessed a big implosion. This park is […]

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (Why you shouldn’t kill yourself)

I was talking to my therapist yesterday, well I was in a session, I wasn’t just randomly talking to him out of context, and yes, obviously I go to therapy. My go to phrase for a long time has been “kill me”, and during the day I find many occasions where it comes handy. Sometimes […]

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