Climate Anxiety

Looks at the time, it is 8:01.

Unlocks her phone.

Opens the Starbucks app.

Is really craving some coffee. Not office coffee. Those suck. Universal truth.

Images of microplastics, of overfilled landfills, dead marine animals aka the imminent apocalypse flash by in her mind.

Will the coffee cup be broken down into million pieces and ingested by planktons and then having been eaten by a fish end up on her own plate or even worse someone else’s?

Will a child in a third world country be affected by the “recyclables” sent out to not be recycled in a landfill that is located in their country because there is money in purchasing material for recycling?

What if this is a frappuccino and she can bring her own straw? Will that help a little bit?

Done with the drink, scrub it clean, so that it can be recycled. One stain and you’re out.

Landfills are filling up, you know? Because we are not cleaning our recycles well enough.

What about the laundry detergent? Am I using too much? I don’t even do laundry every week. I don’t even take a shower every day.

Down at the cafeteria, they gave her plastic cutlery and loads of tissues. She doesn’t need a fork to gobble down a beyond meat burger. She only needs one tissue really. Don’t they know they are killing the elephants?

Forgot to take her own bags, had to carry several items from the grocery store to home. Feels like an unnecessary adventure but at least I’m saving the baby dolphins. Did you know that they have their own language?

Did you know that giving land back means giving autonomy to indigenous people so that they can make wholesome decisions about the future of the environment and maybe save us from the catastrophic effects of severe capitalism?

Did you know that feminism means letting minorities into the decision making? 

Maybe forget about the money for once. 

We make dinner. What about the leftovers? Am I wasting too much? Am I too much for the earth?

Just woke up this morning thinking about overpopulation? How do most people feel the need to continue their own genes rather than adopt? Isn’t the goal just to love unconditionally and be loved?

Don’t they know that Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people? Are they trying to save that one percent? Is it really necessary for the future of mankind?

She holds her coffee cup, like a grenade walking down the street to start her 8 hour work day for the relief she might get from the weekend that ends too soon. Forever trapped in a structure that makes no sense, yet somehow doesn’t implode and goes on as if nothing makes sense.

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