Happy Birthday to ME!

it is my birthday today.

I realized as the egotistical egomaniacal self absorbed narcissistic birthday-frenzied overdramatic queen that I am, I could make a whole post for my birthday, and no one can be able to interfere.

If you want to know how self obssessed I am, you should know I didn’t even start this post todaty, I have started it exactly a week earlier. And that is not even the closest time I have started my birthday. I have already had two birthday gifts, that is how demanding I can be.

I love surprises, but am better at making them happen that having them happen to me. Because surprise! I am a control freak. But I am very eloquent, so I just say that I am meticulous, into details, intricate and super organized. I think decorum and form matter.

So, what, you ask is so special about my birthday. Well, everything and nothing. There is more than 8 billion of us, and my story as unique as it is, must have been repeated maybe not in the same exact way under the exact same name, but in different versions at least a thousand times. Not to take into account parallel universes and incarnation, if you believe in those things.

I believe in parallel universes. and Karma, but not Incarnation.

I believe Unicorns are real and magic exists and my wish is for mammoths to come back to life, so much so that if I were a billionaire, I would donate to any scientific project that was invested in conducting research on it.

Having said that, I believe in a version of God that is Feminist and non-binary.

And I believe that prophets are superheroes and their miracles are their superpowers and the strongest magic in the world is HOPE.

I believe I can incessantly about these things and all that matters in the end of this day is that I was born.

More on my life story later.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to ME!